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  • Transhipment Services

    Practicalities and ton-mile efficiencies create opportunities for innovation via transhipment. Bulk raw materials require economies of scale to compete in World markets. 100 years of experience over four generations of the Mann shipping family lie behind the continuation of this philosophy – via earlier generations creating the first low-draft vessels to serve the Venezuela/USA port WW2 boom market from 1947. To fuel demand, the US producers like Bethlehem Steel needed steel. For which new supplies of iron ore was essential.

    Ashley Global Shipping have implemented logistical solutions in draft-restricted areas around the world, taking advantage of economies of scale on freight costs to improve netback to producer.

  • Dry Bulk Commodities Carriage

    Our word, our bond. The motto of the Baltic Exchange, of which we are proud members.

    Ashley Global Shipping operates in full compliance with all recognised international, IMO regulations whilst keeping the safety of the crews, the vessels, their cargoes and the protection of the environment as top priorities.

    Ashley Global Shipping operates all of its vessels in compliance with classification and flag state rules, and applies recognised industry standards as appropriate, including a readiness at all times to respond to emergencies and establish safeguards against all identified risks.

    Ashley Global Shipping continues to evolve its operational techniques and expertise in order to maintain its record of excellence in cargo solutions and international trade.

  • FFA Market Analysis

    Being a trader in today's world can't be compared with what is portrayed on the silver screen. The reality of operating in the most volatile market of them all, shipping, is that the number one priority is the mitigation of risk to ensure that the company experiences steady growth and is shielded from market shocks.

    The use of financial instruments both on the freight and on the commodity trading aspect of our business is vital to the longevity and reliability of our provision of service.

  • Project Financing

    Diversification of portfolio asset classes is important in reducing any over-exposure to one market.

    In order to get the most value-added for our controlling shareholder, Ashley Global Shipping attempts to enter into projects as far upstream as possible, adding value through early-stage financing and expertise.

Global Fleet

Ashley Group operates a fleet of modern, eco bulk carriers ranging from Supramax up to Capesize.

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