A Century of Shipping Tradition

H G Mann (1882-1952) commenced in shipping in the pre-1914 ‘golden age’ when 50% of the World fleet had the ‘red duster’, or UK flag. By 1930, H G Mann Shipping Ltd founded Buries Marks Ltd, managing between 1932 and 1934 its first vessel, the Cedrus (bought second hand). This shipowning company situated in the heart of the London shipping market was acquired by Louis Dreyfus, and in 1938 ordered the company's first new vessel, the diesel powered La Pampa (being Christened in the background picture above), at the Gothenburg yard where Louis Dreyfus had already launched its first two modern Procacci type vessels.

Two of H G Mann’s sons were active in the business, John Ashley Mann (1915-1982), and Philip Ashley Mann (1919-), but it was John who went on to be CEO of Buries Marks, whilst Philip ran Mann & Son, maintaining the Bethlehem Steel/Joshua Henty connection and Venezuelan iron ore, before becoming involved with important and innovative Scandinavian owners, and developing its own specialised port in UK – still active more than 50 years on. Philip’s eldest son Christopher Ashley Mann has continued the family business into Ashley Global Shipping Ltd.

In parallel, having worked with his father Philip, and for Mann & Son post the ownership-change, another Peter Ashley Mann (1952-, Christopher’s brother) joined fellow Wallenius Lines close-associates Cobelfret as director of the Ro-Ro Agency for the Cobelfret Lines services from Purfleet to Continent, until he retired.

It is no co-incidence that Ashley Global Shipping Ltd maintains the Mann family connection to Cobelfret more than 50 years on, and that Ashley Global Shipping has operated many Cobelfret vessels as disponent Owners.

All members of the Ashley Group Shipping team are proud of the traditions handed-on by these long-established, innovative and dynamic predecessors and are determined to carry-on seeking solutions to the challenges of providing shipping solutions to World Trade.

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Ashley Global Shipping is a family owned and run business. The Mann family have been involved in shipping for over 100 years.

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